The End.

Alas dear readers, I’ve reached an end to a chapter in my life. I’m stepping away from Romero Brooks. I’ve reached a point professionally [...]

On The Undead: Interview With Makeup And Effects Wizard Lexan Rosser

If you haven’t watched Bum Bloods yet… You’re an idiot. You’re missing a damn funny story with two super talented dudes in Joe Bandelli [...]

Norman Reedus Wasn’t Always Great With A Crossbow

Thanks for letting us know you and your writers are still funny, Coco. And bigups to Norman Reedus for the entire bit. Throwing the [...]

Recap And Thoughts On The Walking Dead Episode “Indifference”

Carol visits Lizzie and reports that she’s going on a food run with Rick. She encourages Lizzie to stay strong. Lizzie offers that even [...]

The New Smartphone Friendly PIG FDT Alpha Touch Glove

If you’re into shooting gear and accessories at all, you’ve definitely heard of SKD tactical. I get most if not all of my gear [...]