Hot! Damn Nature You Scary

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Another reason why Mother Nature is scary as hell. I came across more information on zombie viruses, this time affecting more than just ants. There’s also a wasp that turns roaches into zombies and another strain of Baculovirus that infects caterpillars in the same way it did ants deep in the jungle. This virus is more prevalent than we thought according to the article, but it’s so finely tuned that it will not affect humans.

I was relieved upon reading the article, till things took a turn for the worst.

Thanks to the sophisticated biochemistry that baculoviruses use, they allow scientists to harvest high concentrations of the protein. As a result, baculoviruses have become a mainstay of the biotech industry, where they are engineered to make vaccines and other drugs.

Oh. Hell. No. Need I remind scientists what happened when man screwed around with viruses that weren’t meant to be screwed around with? 28 Days Later ring a bell? I just know there was a good reason I refused to have a garden anywhere near the house. Now I’ve just got to convince the lady that the Baculovirus is coming for us.

Via: Discover Magazine

Pic: Bill Tyne



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