Hot! Personal: J Brooks In SF

Life has been pretty crazy recently, and not particularly in a good way. The lady and I decided that a short trip was in order and since we live in Southern California, hightailing it to San Francisco seemed to be our best bet. We have friends and family out there, so I knew we’d be pretty busy. And boy was I right. Due to the terrible parking situation and late nights out with my buddy Jamael, i had 7 hours of sleep total during the trip. Thank God for sugar free Redbull. We went sightseeing to exactly one place, and it wasn’t the Golden Gate Bridge. We headed to Twin Peaks and got a great view of the city. Aside from that, the trip consisted of A LOT of alcohol consumption.

Jameson and Gingers were flowing freely both nights. To say I got wasted was an understatement. It helps to know bartenders in the city. When we weren’t hanging out with friends and family or eating delicious food, we had time to do some shopping in Union Square, and hit up the maker of my favorite zombie bag, TAD Gear.

If you saw my face in the picture, you’d know that I was in complete awe of the gear porn that was in the store. I visited the Hayes location which is a little smaller than Dogpatch, but packed full of pretty sweet clothing and packs, not to mention some custom knives. My money was looking a little short so I didn’t buy anything, but the guys behind the counter were cool about us snapping pics and didn’t seem too annoyed at the fact that I was only browsing. I paid an exorbitant amount of money for my Litespeed backpack, but given the quality, comfort, and the people behind the name, I’d definitely buy another one if I had the scratch for it.

Being a native Los Angeleno, the culture up in San Francisco was definitely different. For one, the people were wayyyyy “greener.” Almost any food we bought on the go came in packaging that was compostable! Even the plastic forks were biodegradable which was pretty neat. It seemed like the community up there was way more in tune with their pets, as we saw a ton of dogs at every park we passed by. There were a lot more people wearing backpacks out that way as well, even in some of the bars we went to. I attribute this to a lot more people cycling and walking around the densely packed city to get where they need to. Us men don’t use purses. Well, most men. “It’s not a purse, it’s a satchel!” No dude. It’s a purse.

I got a lot less odd looks from lugging my backpack everywhere, and I think our dogs would love to live out here, save for the lack of space we’d be working with. After contemplating for a bit, we both agreed that we’d strongly consider moving out there if we found the right jobs and a decent area to live in. Just a thought for now, but I didn’t miss LA as much as I thought I would. We mostly missed just the parking situation. Way easier to find a place to park at if you’re not downtown.

A big shoutout to the folks at Benny Gold as well. I love that store and definitely plan to buy some more stuff from them soon.


J Brooks

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