Hot! TV: Makeup King of “The Walking Dead” Up for Emmy


Greg Nicotero, standing,  is a stone-cold zombie movie legend. He’s the guy who makes fake look real and makes the living look like the kinds of cretins you want to de-brain. He’s up for a 2011 Emmy Award for his visual effects and makeup work on “The Walking Dead”. Here, he explains how he created his favorite zombie set-piece from the series, involving the Bicycle Girl.

“We took our guide from the graphic novel to simulate that classic walking dead desiccated and rotting look. She just looked like she was whittling away. We did a one-piece foam latex face and neck, two more for chest and back. We put the custom dentures in first and then applied the latex over it so you could see her rotting gums and part of her skull. Her makeup application took a little over 3 hours.”


And what happens when you get over 100 Hollywood extras into zombie makeup and tell them to bust our their best method acting? Nicotero explains:

“The zombie extras were literally whipped into a frenzy because this was the first chance they’d gotten to eat somebody,” Greg recalls. “When they yelled action, all the zombies dove in and were actually fighting over the guts….”


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Photo: Hero Complex


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