Hot! The 6 Stitch Kit Will Let You Use Your Favorite Gloves With A Touchscreen Phone

Aside from the South and West Coast, it’s still pretty chilly in most areas of the US. As such, it’s annoying as hell wearing gloves while trying to type on your touchscreen smartphone. There’s solutions out there like the Aglove but then you’d have to do away with your existing broken in gloves for a new pair that might not be as durable or comfortable. Life Hacker introduced us to a solution to this issue and it looks nothing short of pure win. The folks at the site came across a nifty little site called Six Stitch which allows people to DIY their own favorite gloves for touch screen purposes.


Using only 6 stitches(derp), you can turn your gloves you use for cold weather/shooting/exercises into instant doers of smartphone typing. Pretty sweet right? Simple enough to install even for the most noob of sewers. The plus side here is that the kit only costs $9 shipped worldwide, and some of the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders. There’s virtually no downside other than losing some pocket change to add phone functionality to your gloves.

Do yourself and others some good and buy now at: 6stitchkit


J Brooks

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