Hot! Max Brooks Visits Sons Of Guns Show, Comes Up With Concept Zombie Gun

For the record, I haven’t really cared for the show Sons of Guns. Just not my cup of tea to see some folks make some super ridiculous 1 of 1 weapons with a bunch of added features on them. Not just that, but it seems like the store Red Jacket Firearms has come under fire from the good ole ATF.10 missing firearms? That’s not what I call good business. Anyway, I digress. In this past week’s season finale, the show reached somewhat of a high point. Max Brooks stopped by, and Will and Max split up into two teams to create two different versions of the ideal zombie gun. The products from both teams were wildly different.


Will’s team came up with a modified M16, with a big f*cking drum for ammunition, a zombie Eotech holographic site (yuck), suppressor, grenade launcher, bayonet, and Magpul CTR stock for busting zombie chops. Yeah, real innovative guys. We all know grenades don’t work on the undead! If the undead existed that is.

Max came up with a bit more interesting concept than your pimped out carbine. His team opted for a modified bullpup P90 chambered in .22 with some sort of scope (unsure of the make and model), suppressor, and z-spike for de-braining walkers. Interesting.

I wasn’t able to catch the whole episode, so I don’t know who’s weapon ended up being more effective but it’s nice to see Max making his rounds on television to garner attention to his epic book World War Z and subsequent movie dropping next year. I wonder if Red Jacket gifted him his prototype to conduct some field testing and research. Or maybe that gun got lost after the episode aired as well. WOMP WOMP

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