Hot! The World’s Most Annoyingly Complex Alarm Clock

Meet Ramos. He may look like a harmless old timey alarm clock, but I assure you he’s not. If you end up buying him, I’m sure he’ll earn the nickname “Bane Of My Sleep’s Existence” pretty quickly. You see, Ramos isn’t just any alarm clock where you can hit the snooze button and get 5-10 more minutes of sleep. Oh no. Far from it.

You’re forced awake by the initial alarm tone that will likely traumatize you for years to come. And if you’re a habitual snooze button masher, you’re out of luck champ. The only way to get the tone to stop is to walk into another room and punch in the defuse code. Pulling the plug won’t work either. Ramos has a battery backup that will keep him ringing for hours. With the production model being priced around $200, you’ll probably be hard pressed to find motivation to smash this invention to smithereens unless you’ve got the hangover of the century. Which means you probably shouldn’t have been drinking so heavily the night before you needed an alarm to wake you up, dumbass.


The Ramos project on Kickstarter met it’s goal and units begin to ship in August. I’m feeling the retro look and secret agent feel to punching in a code every morning to get your day started. I could have used Ramos yesterday. Illness, oversleeping and traffic makes J Brooks an angry urban survivalist.

Pre-order now at: Ramos Clock


J Brooks

J Brooks is sound asleep somewhere because he thought Tylenol PM stood for "Power Medicine."