Hot! Guns & Ammo Claims To Have Found The Best Anti-Zombie Weapon Ever

Meet the new firearm in what’s sure to be a long line of guns claiming to be the most efficient at disposing of zombies, the Valkyrie BSR Mod 1. Combining the technology from Valkyrie Armament and Slidefire Solutions, the BSR is pretty much what you see in the picture. A chain fed modded AR-15 chambered in .223 with a spooky paint job. While I’d ditch the paint job for flat black or coyote brown, the concept is certainly interesting. I’d definitely want to see a torture test with this weapon given how it’s not mass produced. Yet.

I’m not a fan of “slide fire/bump fire” guns since it walks a fine line of legality, and the stocks being sold to bump fire are largely untested out in the battlefield. While the BSR Mod 1 is on our radar, I think I’ll stick with the M249 for a smaller round machine gun. Not like I’d ever be able to procure one when SHTF, but a man can always dream. For a be all end all zombie weapon, I’d still have to go with Max Brooks’ Lobo. So much win. A crovel would work nicely too.


J Brooks

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