Hot! Mysterious Case Of The Brazilian Zombie Child

Photo from byMiri

More crazy ass news, this time coming out of the land of Carol Seleme. Nine MSN reports that In Brazil, a young child met his maker after losing battle with pneumonia. Only he didn’t really. Just before his own funeral, Kelvin Santos (age 2 at death) reanimated at the funeral home in front of family members and asked for a glass of water. Wait, what???

Yeah. Kelvin mysteriously came back from the dead and asked his pops for that cool refreshing drink of H20. While folks coming back from the dead as a result of illness has been recorded before, this story has a bleak ending. Shortly after drinking the water, Santos laid back down and died once again. After taking the boy’s body to the hospital, doctor’s didn’t have a concrete answer as to why Kelvin died twice. The family is asking the police to pursue matters with suspicion of medical malpractice, but this case could be chalked up to a matter of extreme grief and devastated family members seeing what they want to see.


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