Hot! Jessica Kingham And A Shoeless Street Fighter

Jessica Kingham

And now an Eye Candy And Epicness post for the Ginger loving cholo street fight fans. Let this serve as a warning for you Fight Club fans out there. If a dude confronts you with no shoes on, don’t fight him. I can assure you that you’ve got more to lose than he does. By the looks of it, dude who got slept did indeed lose something. His pride, consciousness, and a shoe. And what the hell happened to his friend who was doing all the woofing with him? Buddy saw his brother in arms catch a cold one and instantly made the smarter life decision. I had no idea Glass Joe was based off of a real character. And that Mike Tyson’s Punch Out’s depiction is ethnically incorrect. Shame on you Japan, shame on you.


J Brooks

J Brooks is sound asleep somewhere because he thought Tylenol PM stood for "Power Medicine."