Hot! Tactical Guru Chric Costa Releases Operation Z Video Series

Ok, if you don’t know of Chris Costa, you’re probably not into guns, survival, or survival with guns. Costa, formerly of Magpul is considered one of the premiere firearms and combat instructors on the planet, and with a beard so epic Billy Mays once did an infomercial for it.Not only that, but he’s a great dancer. Word to Milspec Monkey.

Costa’s kept his ear to the street and just dropped a preview for Operation Z, a series of videos and on how to survive Z-Day in like a boss. According to the description, there’s going to be two volumes in a 12 part series, covering everything from handguns to movement in groups, if his past videos are any indication. Real details are scant, but the first series are going to cover handguns and long guns. If Chris Costa is in any video, the production value is going to be high. Plus the backdrop of the series is based in Los Angeles, the stomping ground of yours truly.

The jury’s out on whether or not I’ll cop the series, but I do know this: there’s going to be a lot of action, and a lot of beard.

More info at: Lugdunum Studios Facebook


J Brooks

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