Hot! New Trailer For The Walking Dead Game Episode 4 “Around Every Corner”

At semi-long last, The Walking Dead Game Episode 4 is here. The timing from Telltale Games is impeccable with these installments, as they’ve thus far lasted no longer than a hour a piece. The replay value is super high, though as I’ve played through the first two episodes multiple times. I haven’t yet gotten to Episode 3, but given the new trailer for Episode 4, I better get on it. Without getting too much into details to spoil the game for people who haven’t played thus far as of yet I’ll just say that this episode takes Lee and his fellow crew of survivors on the road. If there’s anything The Walking Dead has taught us, it’s that setting up shop for too long gets people killed. Stay mobile and stay safe seems to be the M.O. for the whole series.Hence the title of this episode, “Around Every Corner.”

Excuse us while we’re falling a bit behind on the times, but a review for Episode 3 of The Walking Dead game will soon be out, either by Kevinote or myself.


J Brooks

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