Hot! His And Hers Considerations When Bugging Out

His and hers.

Living with your significant other? Don’t be the asshole that only packs a bug out bag for one. Your main concern in an emergency at all times should be you and your family/loved ones’ well being. In our hallway hangs a bug out bag for my lady, myself, and a buddy who lives close to the area should he make it out here during a disaster. While it’s easy to just buy two of each item in your urban survival kit, there should be a few things you need to consider:

  • Weight – Is your significant other/family member as physically able as you are to tow around a full sized bug out bag? Or do you need to downsize a bit?
  • Individual Needs – Did you pack “feminine” items as needed, as well as other personal items that your lady might need?
  • Training – Have you taught your woman how to properly use each item in the bug out bag?
  • Readiness – When you’re out and about, is the bug out bag always close by instead of gathering dust on the rack at home?

My current setup is going through constant changes and throughout this process, these bullet points have come up repeatedly while setting up the bag for my better half. While she can keep up on brisk walks, I’ve had to lighten her load a bit in case we encounter those OHSHITRUNNINGZOMBIESPUKINGBLOODONPEOPLE type of walkers to make it easier to get around. And not to get into details, but uhh, packing some tampons/pads and some Mydol or other type of meds to aid with cramp relief will serve you very well. Just remember Murphy’s Law: What can go wrong, will happen to your woman and she’ll take it out on you. Or something like that.


J Brooks

J Brooks is sound asleep somewhere because he thought Tylenol PM stood for "Power Medicine."