Hot! DayZ Game Mod Gets A Live Action Short Film Titled “After DayZ”

If you’re a fan of Arma II‘s DayZ mod I envy you because my laptop can’t really support it. The mod is essentially a sandbox world on hosted servers where players try to fend for themselves to stockpile supplies, fend off bandits and zombies, and survive as long as possible. And ever so often, you get to witness awesome shit like this. SO it was only a matter of the time before someone dropped a live action short as homage to the game that gets you as close to the apocalypse as possible on the Internet without evacuating your bowels.

The story is simple. Two strangers band together after being forced upon each other due to unforeseen circumstances. What happens next is most likely the result of simply living in a chaotic world. It’s basically every man for himself, and well, some men are better equipped than others. Like having a ton of blammers are the ready to pillage whatever they can. The ending is pretty sweet and open ended, which leaves us to believe that this is only one of many similar stories going down in the DayZ world, and that there maybe a sequel. If you’re looking for a sequel, comment on the Youtube page to get it popping. What did you guys think of the video?



J Brooks

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