Hot! Black Ops 2 “Revolution” Trailer And Secret Mode Unveiled

Dammit, if I had waited a little longer I would have been able to post this video. Dah well. Feast your eyes on this four minute clip of nonstop action from “Revolution,” The upcoming dlc pack for Black Ops 2. We gave you details of the maps, weapon, and zombie map yesterday but now it seems there’s a new twist to the zombie map “Die Rise.” Vertical landscapes are introduced, where players can either climb up or jump down elevator shafts and various stairways to make their escape. Definitely appreciate the thought process behind the maps, and it seems like the development team behind BO2 got act shit together after working in some outrageous shit for the second iteration of Zombie Mode in the first Black Ops. Zombies that steal your gear and run off was pretty infuriating.

The most hyped I am about this map pack is the concept behind “Turned” though. One player starts off as the lone survivor, and up to 7 (we think) other players spawn as plain Jane zombies in a vicious game of tag. Get blown to bits, and respawn somewhere on the map. Infect the survivor, and now you take his/her place on the run like Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. There’s no one armed man to blame if you lose though. Just your own shitty play.



J Brooks

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