Hot! Kerry Washington aka Hildy And Titty Hungry Fish

kerry washington kerry washington 2

Kerry Washington

So nice, we had to post her twice. After watching Ms. Washington do her thing in Django Unchained, I never thought I’d feel disturbed seeing her titties on the big screen, but I was. Undeterred, I made sure after watching the flick that I’d do her justice by posting some of her pictures on this week’s Eye Candy And Epicness. And by posting flying carp that were hungry for titties. It’s no wonder the Asian Carp are invasive. They’re assholes. Patrolling the water AND the skies for victims to randomly slap. Check the second half of the video for the slapping action. If I were that carp, I’d hit dude again for being a pussy. Enjoy!


J Brooks

J Brooks is sound asleep somewhere because he thought Tylenol PM stood for "Power Medicine."