Hot! Shaq Fu Returns In The Form Of Shaqdown

That’s right. Shaq the rapper, basketball player, analyst, thespian, and car pitchman just made his second video game that’s out now. The sidescrolling runner game Shaqdown is now available for iOS and Android devices and features The Big Aristotle as the hero of the game. Players start off in Yemen which is Ground Zero for a mutant zombie outbreak, and it’s up to Shaq to get his beatdown on to save the world. The endless runner has three parallel platforms you can jump from, and has attacks like the jump shot, slam dunk, and free throw.


FREE THROW?!!? JUMP SHOT?!?!!? Safe to say this game isn’t based solely on Shaq’s career on the court. Unless he busts the free throw move using Taco Neck Syndrome. And he counts baby hooks from three feet away from the rim as a legit jumpshot. Nonetheless, if you’re in the mood for a mindless frenetic runner platform game, Shaqdown is only $.99 for fans of the Laker great. I’d buy it, but I’ll wait on someone else I know to do it first. Goddamn right I’m stingy with my cash. An early adopter I am not.

More info at the Shaqdown website.


J Brooks

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