Hot! Need A Stand In While You Play Black Ops 2? Call The Replacer.

Let’s face it. Even grown ass men with jobs, girlfriends, wives, children, and pets shirk their responsibilities when it’s Black Ops 2 time. Just ask the majority of my boys. And now with the Revolution DLC dropping in the next week, the good folks over at Activision got your back with actor Peter Stormare. He’ll impersonate you while you stay at home fragging UAV’s, other players, and of course, zombies. One thing you should know about The Replacer though. He doesn’t take no shit from primates. He’ll stab a babboon. And your superiors at the office. All while macking down the eye candy in the cubicle next door, HOLLA! No guarantees you’ll still have a job after your Black Ops 2 marathon though.

Whoever’s doing the ads for Black Ops 2 is a goddamned genius. The Replacer reminds me of The Wolf from Pulp Fiction with his demeanor and suit. And the old school Dodge Challenger? Ooh wee. Guaranteed he’s porking your lady when you’re holed up in your mancave. You’ve been warned.

The Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC drops January 29th, 2013 on Xbox Live First. Take that, PS3 elitists.



J Brooks

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