Hot! Grub Hub: A Portable Outdoor Kitchen For Chef Survivalists

This is a sure way to woo your woman during the apocalypse or when you’re camping in the great outdoors. The Grub Hub is anything you’d need to cook food worthy of a Michelin Star stuffed into one easy to carry backpack. True story bros. Ok maybe not Michelin Star worthy but you’ll still be able to whip something up that will boost morale and your sex appeal.

grub hub

All of that. In one damn backpack that you can take anywhere from the Ozarks to the Super Bowl. The Grub Hub comes built with a ton of counter top space, along with various pouches and compartments to accommodate all of your supplied cooking utensils. And yeah, there’s even a kitchen sink. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Design genius at it’s best. Add your own camp stove, a lightweight pot, and you’ve got an easy way to set up all of the food you’ve hunted or brought with you. If you’ve got the grit to carry all of your gear as well as the Hub. Ideally, the Grub Hub would be best served on group outings, where you can wheel all of the food and cooking gear, while you spread out the rest of your own personal supplies in the packs of friends. They’ll gladly accept it given you cook their food thoroughly and serve it up with a garnish of field grass.

The Grub Hub camp kitchen supports and promotes a very sustainable camping methodology by providing highly portable and organized cooking and working space, as well as support for lighting and water and other features such as air dry bags for cleaning solid dishes. The product’s features and functionality assist campers in working much more efficiently outdoors and help reduce convenience packaging and other wasteful methods. The extensive features contained in the Grub Hub make outdoor preparation of real meals, to fuel real activities, an easy task.We greatly appreciate those who  have adopted the Grub Hub, not only as customers, but as leaders in raising the bar for preserving our natural lands and liberty to enjoy them.

The Mesa model starts at around $379 and the only thing that doesn’t make this the perfect portable kitchen is the lack of an actual stove in a package deal, and maybe some shoulder straps to carry on your back in the case you need to make a hasty escape.

So if you love driving out to remote locations and roughing it but still miss home cooked meals, you need to learn how to cook first. Then cop the Grub Hub. Because chicks dig guys who can cook. And who eat the box.

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