Hot! The Farson D Blade, A New Twist On An Age Old Camp Tool


And now for a simple yet badass product that’s a bit of a throwback. I came across the Farson D Blade while searching for bug out tools and this simple blade looks to be a nice addition. Modeled after the traditional Ulu which is an all purpose blade used by Eskimos, the Farson adds some new tweaks to keep up with survival needs. The asymmetrical shape of the blade can be used for chopping, skinning animals, and also processing animal hides for that new Pelle Pelle squirrel skin leather you’ve always dreamed of.

There’s also two lashing holes in the non bladed area to attach to a larger handle should you need to hack away at some wood. Definitely useful when weight is a consideration when researching survival supplies, but I have my own doubts about the efficiency of chopping wood since the Farson D Blade looks pretty light. With that said, it’s definitely better than trying to fashion a camp axe out of wood and something like moose antlers. The spine jimping is more than aesthetic as the end user can place their thumbs on the area for more grip, as well as steadying your paracord wrap when it’s turned into a hatchet or otherwise.

While the paracord wrapping looks a little flimsy, I’m hyped for this product. Small enough to fit on a belt but still pretty versatile. And not too shabby for a last ditch weapon either to punch through walker noggins as well.

Anyone else intrigued by this product? Holla.

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J Brooks

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