2 Hours – An Award Winning Zombie Short For Free

I mean, what other reason do you need? It’s free you cheap bastards.

‘Zombie Killers’ Movie Starts Shooting In PA

Most zombie movies, the director of an independent horror flick shooting right now in northeast Pennsylvania told me recently, aren’t about walkers. They’re about [...]

Watch movies with George Romero. No, Really.

A huge weekend for horror genre fanatics is coming from August 9-11. How huge? Huge enough for George Fucking Romero to come through to [...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Right. He’s Back In The Film Maggie.

Wanted for the theft of Kenny Rogers’ goatee and belt buckle. Ever since his solo movie The Last Stand flopped miserably, I low key [...]

Paramount Confirms A World War Z Sequel

Facing the apocalypse in a chambray shirt like a boss. Given the success of the first real zombie blockbuster in World War Z, Paramount [...]