The DARPA ATLAS = The Eradication of Zombies. And Humans?

We’re moving even closer to a means of preventing a zombie apocalypse through the use if super smart super strong robots. But that means [...]

Rabies Infestation Invading Small Township In Darfur

More WTF news for you paranoid types. On October 11th in a small township in Darfur, some folks contracted rabies from exposure to camel [...]

Dead Rising Weapon Makes An Appearance In A Real Murder.

Someone didn’t get the memo that these were supposed to be for zombies only. By now, you’d think that murders involving inheritances would have [...]

Pretty Sure Patient 0 Will Be Found In China Due To A Mysterious Ooze

Remnants of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’s first porn shoot. Need proof that governments are hiding stuff from us? Look no further. Chinese news [...]

Zombie Weed Sparks DC Social Media Campaign

Sure, we’ve told you about zombie weed before, but let’s face it weed heads: There’s no future in your smoking. Just this month the DC Department of [...]