Damaris Lopez And Awkward James Harden

Damaris Lopez No idea who Pete Holmes is, but he’s funny as hell. The whole “awkward white guy” aura works wonders for him, especially [...]

Stacy Hash And Base Jumping Gymnastics

Stacy Hash. ‘MURICA SON. You willingly do that wild shit… as a father? Then got the nerve to say after watching the video that [...]

Danielle Harris And In Russia, Pig Eats YOU

Danielle Harris   Introducing Babe’s Russian cousin, Gabe. It took a car running over him twice and multiple headshots to finally off the wild [...]

Berenisse Mejia And This Guy Hates Street Performers

Berenisse Mejia   Granted, the trumpeter isn’t all that great, but I can’t knock the guy for trying to make that money. Frodo apparently [...]

Sasha Delvalle And A Cameraman Doing The Stanky Leg

Sasha Delvalle   This guy’s stanky leg > Miley Cyrus’ struggle twerk. Nuff said.