Shalwar Kameez – A Perfect Choice For Wearing on Nikah Ceremony

Nikah is the most important ceremony in any Pakistani wedding. Any Pakistani wedding will be incomplete without the beautiful and iconic shalwar kameez. Rajasthan cotton shalwar kameez holds a famous status in the bridal trouser. It is considered as the most beautiful attire for a bride.

Shalwar kameez is obviously the Pakistani version of the famous Indian bridal lehenga. The lehenga choli is equivalent to the shalwar and is worn by brides of both the countries. The main reason behind the popularity of this attire is that it is worn by the shy bride, who wants to show her beauty before the groom. The attire assumes importance during the Nikah ceremony. It is the most important ceremony of a bride’s life. Under this heavy presence, Slowly but steadily increasing percentage of brides from both the countries are choosing the Pakistani version of the famous lehenga.

The attire assumes importance from the ceremony from where:

1.It is the first time for the bride to actually bepless and is greatly interested to look elegant. The traditional attire was a part of the wedding attires of the bride. Initially it was not like this and thus it has become the prime focus.

2.Shalwar kameez carries a heavy taboo ceremony in Pakistan, whereas in India at the marriage ceremony, the bride and groom both are semi-naked and the bride wears jewelry like nose ring, ear rings etc which makes her new-born baby beautiful.

3.The attire is fully covered with the veil,ches some necklaces and bangles even if it is not part of the wedding ceremony. The attire has now turn into the most primitive ceremony of our country which has become more desirable form of clothing of modern day Pakistan and also India.

The attire was first designed with the name Pakistan in the 1930’s, but at that time it was known as shalwar kameez. Shalwar was a kind of woolen fabric, which was worn by the nobles and aristocrats of the times. Shalwar was largely manufactured in Punjab, the largest party state of Pakistan, where the bride and groom, both are remarkable. The modern bridal shalwar kameez fabric is a symbol of wealthiness among the Pakistani affluent. The fabric is stitched in intricate patterns and floral designs with heavy embroidery, or sometimes called as embroidery in paradise.

In the past few years, the popularity of this attire has given way to specific designers who have designed beautiful heavy embroidered white silk shalwar kameez. napa is a kind of silk that is woven tightly with a tightly held warp in a long garment. The popularity of shalwar kameez has given way to the wearing of women’s shirt in addition to shalwar and pajama pants.

Pakistani fashion has gained popularity again after the divas and celebrities have started wearing the apparel during big events. Shops and Fashion outlets have now started selling this beautiful elegant attire to attract more customers..yo meet new people and the on going fashion trends with this gorgeous attire!

Shalwar kameez makes you more adorable and attractive; you can easily play up with the combination of dark as well as light colors. If you are wearing a light shalwar kameez along with light accessories then it will make you more attractive and charming while darker shalwar kameez with same dark accessories will make you look classier. The current trend is also making kurta and pajama pant designs which look similar to the party wear salwar kameez.

Lots of tips and aspects can be easily searched online or at the Belle tint display window. One can also buy the large size shalwar either from the same merchant or different ones from the season sale. Before deciding upon any product you should try and read the feedback & customers’ review of the earlier customers.

As if that were not enough, you should also try to burst the myth about this attire. A long dress with no coverage or little-to-no embroidery makes it the most suitable choice for any event irrespective of religion or caste. Some of the functions where you can wear the attire without any drawback; these are;

1. marriage ceremony – in India or Pakistan

2.ocation of religious festivals & rituals

3. cultural occasions

Well, having all these information in mind while selecting a dress from Belle tint dress shop will definitely help you to select the best option.